Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School

Well, it is that time again. Aaron started back to school last Monday. He is in the 11th grade now. Man it is hard to believe that he is that old. The time has really flown by. Of course we are gearing up for another year of exciting New Life football. The team looks really good this year. With back to school of course comes new school clothes and shoes. This year Aaron has decided to go the preppy route.

Aaron goes to take his driving test on Wednesday......hope that he does well. I'm sure there will be a post coming about this.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NLCA v. Victory

Okay so we played Victory Christian yesterday and we beat them 9-1. Yeah!! Aaron did pretty good in the outfield and he hit fairly well also. The funniest thing happened, he was up to bat and actually struck out but the catcher dropped the ball so he ran to first base. The catcher threw the ball to first base and overthrew it and the first base man missed it. When it was all done and over, Aaron had made it all the way home. Here are some pictures from another game, yes I actually remembered to take some. Yea, me!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Am Blessed

You know life is so good.  I have a loving husband, a wonderful son, a great family and wonderful dogs.  I am blessed to have a job that I go to each day knowing that I am doing good for the people we represent and a place that has devotion for its employees every Thursday. I am blessed that we have Aaron in a great Christian school that has chapel during the week to teach them the Word of God.  I have a home and a roof over my head and I have food on my table, I am blessed.  We finally found renters for our Florida home, I am blessed.  We found a church that we love and are free to go to and worship, I am blessed.

Even though I am blessed I still find myself stressed out and going through the emotions of life in general.  I'm preparing to go out of town for a week long trial and trial prep has been quite stressful.  But despite all of that life is still good and I am still blessed.  Despite how good life is for me I forget that life may not be so great for everyone.

Aaron shared with me that today in chapel the preacher said that he was extending an invitation for those who need to talk to stay after chapel as he felt God had laid it on his heart that there were those present who were contemplating suicide.  Sadly enough 3 people stayed after.  This makes me so sad, but I hope that through his guidance and God's grace these kids will see that they too are truly blessed.

We are coming up to Easter time and it is my hope that everyone will remember that they are blessed.  They are blessed because Jesus paid the ultimate price......He gave His life on the cross so that we could all have everlasting life.  Yes, we are all truly blessed!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Double Header

Okay last Friday we had a double header and Aaron and his team lost the first game 6-7.  (Might be due to them giving the other team a home run instead of a in the park double when the ball bounced over the fence.)  Oh, well.  They won the last game 12-8.  They played like the bad news bears on that day for some reason, might be the extra long practice they had the day before.  Oh, well, it seems as though they had a good time.

I have posted all of the pictures that I took below..........................yep, you guessed it, I forgot the camera again.  Wow what a great mom I am and the bad thing is I told Aaron that morning I needed to remember to grab the camera so I could take some pictures.  I will try to do better next time!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

NLCA v. Victory Christian

Aaron's team had their first official baseball game yesterday.  Aaron played center field and did a good job.  He ended up with one error playing in the outfield.  He batted second in the lineup and did a great job batting.  They walked him twice, he hit a ground ball and got an RBI but they got him out at first.  The team played very well together and I was very proud of them.  The score was 9-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning.  We went into the fifth inning and got them out three up three down.  We had two people on base and Aaron was up to bat.  He hit a ground ball into deep right field and made it to third base as the other two people came home.  Aaron hit the winning ball that ended the game early in the fifth due to the 10 run rule.  We won 12-0!!!!!!

Of course being the great mom I am I totally forgot my camera so sorry no pictures this time.  I will try to do better next time.

Tornados, Warm Weather and then........

The day after my last post we had guess what kind of weather?  Tornado sirens was what we woke up to again!!!!  That lasted until about 9:30-10:00 in the morning.  Then eventually the cloudy skies starting parting and we had a rather nice afternoon.  It was a good thing because we had Aaron's 50 inning fundraiser starting at 9:30.  We ended up having to play 50 innings of wiffle ball in the gym due to the weather we had been having.  I love to play softball but lets just say wiffle ball is a little bit harder, but I did end up getting on base a few times.  All in all it was a very fun day.

The next day was so much more exciting though.  The news had been saying we had a 30% chance of snow that next day but after it being so warm the day before I thought for sure they didn't know what they were talking about when they changed it to 50% chance that night.  But guess what.........


It snowed!!!  I got up with my hubby to fix him coffee and breakfast before he had to go to work on that Sunday morning.  I looked outside and it was snowing!!!!  I was a like a little kid, I yelled "It's snowing!!!"  I ran into the bathroom and told Stuart it was snowing and then I went and woke up Aaron and told him to get up it was snowing outside.  Of course then I had to call my mom and dad and tell them it was snowing.  It was so exciting.  It snowed 2 inches that morning.  Instead of going out and building a snowman that morning we waited as I had grocery shopping to do.  Yes we didn't go to church that day.  (I know I should be ashamed.)  But you have to realize I am a Florida girl and had never driven in snow.  We have a rather large hill that you have to go up and down on the way to church and honestly I was scared to death to drive that way.

Due to having no groceries in the house (man I really hate grocery shopping and wait until the cabinets are almost bear) I had to go grocery shopping so Aaron and I bundled up and headed to the grocery store.  Thank goodness there are no hills on the way to Wally World.  So we got groceries and it is still snowing a little but not as hard.  By the time we got home from getting groceries the snow had started to melt.  Aaron and some neighborhood kids were having a snowball fight while I put the groceries away.  When I was done they were awful quiet so I went out to see what they were up to.  They were going around to the neighbors and scraping the snow off of their cars so that they would have enough snow to build a snowman.  They were rather creative as they confiscated a huge wagon from some one's house and filled it with snow.  Out of the kindness of my heart I agreed to help them (not because I was excited just cause I am a good, cool mom - yeah right).  Okay so lets just say it was a snow something when we were done.  You can make up the title for it but, hey we tried.

Mary Patton, Aaron and Seth with out snow thingee.

I bet you guys are wondering how our Florida dogs like the snow.  Keep in mind Shelby doesn't like to get her paws wet, Rufus pretty much takes after Shelby and Oscar, well Oscar is just Oscar.........
Oscar paying ball in snow.  

      Rufus, eeee it's cold!!!

  Hello, it's cold, let us in!!!!

We had a blast needless to say.  It was so much fun going to work the next day looking in all the yards and seeing the different snowmen that were out there.  There were fireman snowmen, little snowmen, big snowmen, skinny snowmen, fat snowmen some people even made little snowmen on their cars and drove around with them on their car.  I think the funniest and most Alabamian snowman I saw was this one......

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can Someone Tell Me What Season It Is?

So the next day after the tornado sirens were going off all day, guess what! We had more tornado sirens going off again, some more rain, then it warmed up.  And on Sunday morning we had two inches of snow!!!!  It was exciting looking out the window and seeing the snow coming down.  I laugh at myself now as I see myself looking out the window and shouting "Look, it's snowing, wow that is so cool!!"  I of course then had to go and wake Aaron up and tell him it was snowing and then I called my mom and my dad to tell them about it.

For those of you that are wondering, yes I did get out in the snow and help Aaron and a couple of the kids from the neighborhood build a snowman, or maybe I should call it a snowthing.  You can decide on what it should be called, but keep in mind by the time we got around to building one it was around 2 PM and the snow was well on its way to melting.

Can Someone Tell Me What Season It Is?

So the next day after the tornado sirens were going off all day, guess what! We had more tornado sirens going off again

Friday, February 27, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

Today has been quite interesting as we have heard tornado sirens off and on all day.  Don't get me wrong I love the sirens just for the fact that we know it is time to round up the dogs and go to the very small closet.  Why does this house not have a closet in the center of the house big enough for all of us?  Hint to all who move close to tornado alley, buy a house with a large closet in a hallway at the center of the house not close to any windows.

This post will be quite short as the pressure from the front coming through is giving me the beginning of a migraine.  Until next time.......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aaron's First Baseball Game

Aaron had his first baseball game yesterday.  They played East Memorial Christian Academy, a much larger school with way more funds coming in and a much larger team.  So at this point we don't have uniforms and had to get the girls softball teams jerseys from last year so that everyone at least had the same shirt on.  We have only had one practice where all 12 players were at practice, most of the time we only had 8 or so players there to practice.  Needless to say we were not expected to win.

Aaron started out on 3rd base, then 2nd base and finally right field.  No he wasn't bad, the coach was just moving people around to see where each person played the best.  The game didn't start out all that great and I had forgotten exactly how long baseball games last.  Aaron batted first for his team and struck out he wasn't very happy about it but honestly if I had to hit first I would probably strike out too, or worse I would probably throw up.

The team played really well together although they still need some more work.  At the end of the game they beat EMCA 13-8.  This is a team they were not expected to beat and I am very proud of the New Life Christian Academy Eagles.  Go Aaron!!!!!  Go Eagles!!!!!

Aaron's First Baseball Game

Aaron had his first baseball game yesterday.  They played against a team that is much larger than our team, has lots more funding and is a way bigger school.  I guess I don't have to say that we were not expected to win.  Every practice, with the 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

He did it anyway....

Dang it, wouldn't you know that Stuart came home yesterday with a stuffed animal, roses and a card.  So our being cheap and creative Valentine's Day was spoiled.  Now don't get me wrong I appreciate the gifts but I think our creative celebration method makes for a much more interesting story.  Anyway Oscar was a little ticked off cause he swore the stuffed doggie was his and was very upset that I had it in my hands.  He is a little spoiled and thinks every time we go somewhere we are supposed to bring him a present back.  Hence we go to the grocery store and he sniffs every package to see if it might be a stuffed toy or a treat.  I had a really hard time convincing him Waylon and Wyatt's Christmas presents weren't for him.

Anyway, we took Aaron to baseball practice and then we went and got some authentic Mexican food that was really delicious.  We reorganized the garage, okay so not so romantic, but we were still spending time together.  As neither one of us can sit still for long we then made our rounds to Target, Circuit City, Publix and later on Sam's.  (See Crystal and Tania we just like to window shop and those good deals just jump out at us.  Send me your lists, for real!!)  Stuart had his heart set on seafood for dinner as it is a tradition for Valentine's Day for us.  One problem we don't live in Florida where you can go anywhere and get fresh seafood.  Believe me it wasn't for a lack of looking but we came home defeated.

Here I come to save the day......I thawed some shrimp from the freezer cut up some sausage and pan seared it, boiled some cheese and spinach ravioli and added some Vodka sauce to it and voila one of Aaron and Stuart's favorite meals remade with shrimp to cure Stuart's seafood craving.  They loved it, I didn't like it all that much, but it was for my two valentine's and well worth it.

Anyway, I hope all that read this had a great Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Special Valentine

Okay since both my hubby and I are so very cheap now we are boycotting Valentine's Day or at least the commercialism portion of it. So right now you are probably saying what? Are you crazy it is a woman's right to be spoiled on Valentine's Day. Humbug I say, everyday with the man that God chose for you should be like Valentine's Day. Just so you don't think we didn't do anything special for one another I will tell you what we did.

First we were in Target and I picked out a card and gave it to him and said, "If I was going to buy you a Valentine's Day card this would be the one I would buy." Then he did the same. Then we were at Wal-Mart and he saw a cute teddy bear and said, "If I was going to buy you a gift for Valentine's Day this is what I would buy." It was kind of cool to see his thought process of what he would buy and we both got to see that we were thinking of one another and all without spending a dime. And just think these were only the pre-gifts.

So tomorrow we are both off of work and will spend Valentine's Day together enjoying one another's company (okay so inbetween Aaron's baseball practice, but hey whatever works). There is nothing better than doing suttle things like leaving a love note on your hubby's pillow for them to find when they get home, or having their favorite dinner cooked for them when they get home, or offering to watch their favorite movie with then even though you think it is stupid and hate the movie. In the long run all that really matters is that you have each other, your family, and most importantly you have GOD in your lives. Happy Valentine's Day to all who read this and may the ultimate love of GOD touch each and every one of you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aaron Got His Learners Permit

Eeeeeekkkkkkk!! Okay clear the roadways cause Aaron got his learners permit. He has now officially driven 3 times. He drove for the first time on Monday morning to school. When we first started out I got my first case of whiplash. I informed him that he didn't need to stomp on the gas to get the car to go. Guess it didn't quite sink in because every time we started to go my head was thrown back. Man my neck still hurts!!!! (Just kidding.) Now if starting wasn't bad enough then we of course had to stop and my neck was then thrown forward. Man you would think the back and forth would offset one another. Not!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a really hard time convincing him that he needed to start stopping before he got close to the red light.

So we aren't off to that great of a learning experience by now and of all the luck on your first time driving that an ambulance decides to turn on the road behind you. So I instruct him to pull over to the right and come to a stop. "Why do I have to do that?" was the response I got. Okay so now I am irritated, "because that is what your driving book told you that you have to do and it is the law!!" Okay so all now that is explained. So the ambulance goes by and now we are starting to go again and instead of just pulling into the lane we were in he starts driving in both lanes. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So now I am stearnly telling him that he can not do that as there may have been a car in that lane not that he would know if there was because he didn't look!!!!!!!!!! Breathe in, breath out, one, two, three, four, five. Okay, so now we are halfway to school. The rest of the drive was okay until we get to the school. He pulls over into the right hand lane, using his blinker and all (yipee, lookin' good) and I feel the car stopping, keep in mind that we have to take a right to get into the school, we are in the right hand lane and he comes to a stop. WHAT?!! He then asks if the car that was on the opposite side of the road wanting to turn left into the school had the right of way. Are you kidding me? NO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY GO!!!! Phew we are at the school, we didn't hit any cars, didn't run over anyone, but man I could really use a stiff drink.

Okay so the next day after school he decides to drive home. What are the odds that we would come upon another emergency vehicle? You guessed it we did. This time there is a cop on the side of the road with his lights on. "What do I do?" he asks. "You have to try to get into the other lane cause it's the law." At this point we are right up on the cop car and he starts veering into the other lane.....THERE IS A CAR IN THAT LANE. So now I explain why you can't do that and you have to pay attention to lots of things at one time when you are driving. Dang, I sure am glad that I am not a driving instructor. The lesson that I have learned....maybe I should leave the driving lessons to Stuart.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bal Masque Formal was a blast

Stuart and I were invited to the Bal Masque Formal this past month and we went and had a blast. There was a live band, free drinks, lots of dancing and we got to spend time with all our friends. Stuart wore a tux and was absolutely handsome. I wore a red dress and did my hair in an up-do which I did myself cause I am so cheap.

The band was so funny. They played 80's music and sadly enough I knew most of the songs. The guys in the band wore funny outfits and wigs and were really a hoot. They sang really well though and sounded like the original singers of the songs they were singing.

I have to admit towards the end of the night, the redneck in me came out and I had my shoes off dancing barefoot. It must have been a man that made high heels!!!!! All of us girls really cleaned up well from our jeans and t-shirts. Glamour girls!!!!

Well I guess that is the latest from Sweet Home Alabama!! More to come soon........

Bal Masque Formal was a blast!!

Stuart and I were invited to the Bal Masque Formal and we went. It was so much fun!!! There was a live band, free drinks, lots of dancing and we got to spend time with our friends. It was soo much fun!!!!! Stuart wore a tux and was absolutely handsome!!!! I wore a red dress and put my hair up in an up-do (per request from Stuart), yes Crystal and Tania I did do it myself. Girls I am soooo cheap now you would not believe it.

Yipee!! We have found a church.

We have been searching for a church home and have finally found one that reminds us a lot of the church we loved in Florida. We have attended two services and this week tried the Sunday School class (there was some resistance from my hubby, but I prevailed as usual). We liked the Sunday School class as well. Aaron seemed to like the Youth Sunday School class and seems to pay attention during the preaching. We will continue to pray that he makes a decision for salvation!!!! Hopefully between his school New Life Christian Academy and church he will be able to make the decision soon. He has really good friends and I have to say that I really don't worry too much when he is with them. I know boys will be boys and kids will be kids, but I have seen these kids interact with one another both in school and out and they have great traits.

Anyway, I was just so excited to finally find a church that we love to go to and a place that we can seek encouragement and find spiritual support.

Was I this difficult at 15?

Man talk about stress!!! Having a 15 year old boy is not easy. I just have to wonder if I was that difficult at 15 (Crystal and Tania you are not allowed to answer that question). Hee! Hee! I guess things do come back to us two fold. We have been fighting bad grades for a while now and man if we don't get somewhere soon I might need to seek medication soon!!!! The only thing I can think of is man he is certainly in for it when he has kids and I am going to sit back and laugh just like my mom is probably doing to me.

Aaron now has a girlfriend, Gabby, who is absolutely adorable, sweet, makes good grades and is not a psycho. Phew!! That is such a relief, I was beginning to think he only liked the psycho chicks that call 30 times a day (not exaggeratig), forbid him from speaking to any other girls and calling anywhere from 12AM to 5AM not thinking anything is wrong with that. Man, two psychos ago I had to do a federal tracing complaint and contact the Sheriff's Department. That was in Florida so hopefully we left all of the severe psychos there. Anyway, several weeks ago he and Gabby went to the Birmingham Zoo with her mom, step-dad and sister. He had a really good time.

Aaron played football this year and we absolutely enjoyed going to his games and watching him play. It was great to see him take pride in the way he played and in trying to do the best he could. We tried basketball and lets just say he is a lot like his mom and he won't try to play again. Right now we are starting baseball practices and if he can keep his grades up I think he will be a part of a really awesome team this year. I am looking forward to the games starting so I can take pictures and share with everyone.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet Home......Alabama

Well, it's a little after 8 pm and I am winding down from work. I am getting ready for a huge trial at the end of the month and I am staying quite busy with that. My only child, Aaron is a typical teenage boy: girls, working out, girls, football, girls, friends, basketball. Oh yeah, did I mention girls? I married the love of my life Stuart in 2003 and enjoy each and every minute that I am with him. We love just laying in bed watching TV and spending time with our son and dogs, Shelby (aka "Princess"), Rufus-Goofus (no explanation needed) and Oscar ("Crack Dog").

I absolutely love my family! I love my two cousins that I grew up with in small town Florida and still consider them the sisters that I never had. I don't get to see them or talk to them much but I still feel very close to them and greatly enjoy getting pictures of their children. I really miss family members that have gone to Heaven and catch myself thinking about them at times, however I know that they are in a much better place.

I lived in Florida most of my life with the exception of moving to Alabama for 2 years. I loved Alabama so much I had to move back. My husband and I have lots of friends here on the circle and we love to hang out with them. We are officially part of the Hoodrats. We all enjoy hanging out at "Jeans" house and any chance we can all find to get together and act silly we take advantage of. I truly love each and every one of my friends. My hubby and I were just invited to a Ball at the end of this month and are planning to attend. I can't wait to dress up and go have fun with our friends.