Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aaron Got His Learners Permit

Eeeeeekkkkkkk!! Okay clear the roadways cause Aaron got his learners permit. He has now officially driven 3 times. He drove for the first time on Monday morning to school. When we first started out I got my first case of whiplash. I informed him that he didn't need to stomp on the gas to get the car to go. Guess it didn't quite sink in because every time we started to go my head was thrown back. Man my neck still hurts!!!! (Just kidding.) Now if starting wasn't bad enough then we of course had to stop and my neck was then thrown forward. Man you would think the back and forth would offset one another. Not!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a really hard time convincing him that he needed to start stopping before he got close to the red light.

So we aren't off to that great of a learning experience by now and of all the luck on your first time driving that an ambulance decides to turn on the road behind you. So I instruct him to pull over to the right and come to a stop. "Why do I have to do that?" was the response I got. Okay so now I am irritated, "because that is what your driving book told you that you have to do and it is the law!!" Okay so all now that is explained. So the ambulance goes by and now we are starting to go again and instead of just pulling into the lane we were in he starts driving in both lanes. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So now I am stearnly telling him that he can not do that as there may have been a car in that lane not that he would know if there was because he didn't look!!!!!!!!!! Breathe in, breath out, one, two, three, four, five. Okay, so now we are halfway to school. The rest of the drive was okay until we get to the school. He pulls over into the right hand lane, using his blinker and all (yipee, lookin' good) and I feel the car stopping, keep in mind that we have to take a right to get into the school, we are in the right hand lane and he comes to a stop. WHAT?!! He then asks if the car that was on the opposite side of the road wanting to turn left into the school had the right of way. Are you kidding me? NO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY GO!!!! Phew we are at the school, we didn't hit any cars, didn't run over anyone, but man I could really use a stiff drink.

Okay so the next day after school he decides to drive home. What are the odds that we would come upon another emergency vehicle? You guessed it we did. This time there is a cop on the side of the road with his lights on. "What do I do?" he asks. "You have to try to get into the other lane cause it's the law." At this point we are right up on the cop car and he starts veering into the other lane.....THERE IS A CAR IN THAT LANE. So now I explain why you can't do that and you have to pay attention to lots of things at one time when you are driving. Dang, I sure am glad that I am not a driving instructor. The lesson that I have learned....maybe I should leave the driving lessons to Stuart.


  1. Wow, scary...makes me not look forward to that!! And I'll have 2 at one time...yikes!!!

  2. The roads will never be the same! Just kidding. Congratulations to Aaron and a bottle of nerve pills for you. :) Something to think about, whenever you are driving and he is in the car with you, talk to him as you are driving and tell him what you are doing and why you are doing it. I know it sounds like a lot of work, I do this now with both of my kids so hopefully when they get their learners permit they will remember some of what I talked about. Or you could just have Stuart give him driving lessons. Good Luck!!