Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aaron's First Baseball Game

Aaron had his first baseball game yesterday.  They played East Memorial Christian Academy, a much larger school with way more funds coming in and a much larger team.  So at this point we don't have uniforms and had to get the girls softball teams jerseys from last year so that everyone at least had the same shirt on.  We have only had one practice where all 12 players were at practice, most of the time we only had 8 or so players there to practice.  Needless to say we were not expected to win.

Aaron started out on 3rd base, then 2nd base and finally right field.  No he wasn't bad, the coach was just moving people around to see where each person played the best.  The game didn't start out all that great and I had forgotten exactly how long baseball games last.  Aaron batted first for his team and struck out he wasn't very happy about it but honestly if I had to hit first I would probably strike out too, or worse I would probably throw up.

The team played really well together although they still need some more work.  At the end of the game they beat EMCA 13-8.  This is a team they were not expected to beat and I am very proud of the New Life Christian Academy Eagles.  Go Aaron!!!!!  Go Eagles!!!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS AARON! Glad to hear that Aaron is playing on the baseball team for his school. Sounds like his team worked together to have a victory over a team that they were expected to lose to. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. That's great!! Tell him congrats for me! It started out sounding a little bit "Bad News Bears" but the conclusion was awesome! YAY!!! Go Eagles!