Sunday, February 15, 2009

He did it anyway....

Dang it, wouldn't you know that Stuart came home yesterday with a stuffed animal, roses and a card.  So our being cheap and creative Valentine's Day was spoiled.  Now don't get me wrong I appreciate the gifts but I think our creative celebration method makes for a much more interesting story.  Anyway Oscar was a little ticked off cause he swore the stuffed doggie was his and was very upset that I had it in my hands.  He is a little spoiled and thinks every time we go somewhere we are supposed to bring him a present back.  Hence we go to the grocery store and he sniffs every package to see if it might be a stuffed toy or a treat.  I had a really hard time convincing him Waylon and Wyatt's Christmas presents weren't for him.

Anyway, we took Aaron to baseball practice and then we went and got some authentic Mexican food that was really delicious.  We reorganized the garage, okay so not so romantic, but we were still spending time together.  As neither one of us can sit still for long we then made our rounds to Target, Circuit City, Publix and later on Sam's.  (See Crystal and Tania we just like to window shop and those good deals just jump out at us.  Send me your lists, for real!!)  Stuart had his heart set on seafood for dinner as it is a tradition for Valentine's Day for us.  One problem we don't live in Florida where you can go anywhere and get fresh seafood.  Believe me it wasn't for a lack of looking but we came home defeated.

Here I come to save the day......I thawed some shrimp from the freezer cut up some sausage and pan seared it, boiled some cheese and spinach ravioli and added some Vodka sauce to it and voila one of Aaron and Stuart's favorite meals remade with shrimp to cure Stuart's seafood craving.  They loved it, I didn't like it all that much, but it was for my two valentine's and well worth it.

Anyway, I hope all that read this had a great Valentine's Day.

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  1. Don't feel to bad about your "hubby" getting you something and you not getting him anything for Valentine's Day. Chuck and the kids got me cards and guess what they got from me. That's right nothing, except for a thank you and I love you all too. The kids got alot of candy and cards from there classmates, so they didn't need anymore candy from us. Kaelyn made the comment about Chuck not getting anything, his response was "Valentine's Day is a day for Moms." So does that mean I don't ever have to get him anything for Valentines??? :)