Friday, February 13, 2009

My Special Valentine

Okay since both my hubby and I are so very cheap now we are boycotting Valentine's Day or at least the commercialism portion of it. So right now you are probably saying what? Are you crazy it is a woman's right to be spoiled on Valentine's Day. Humbug I say, everyday with the man that God chose for you should be like Valentine's Day. Just so you don't think we didn't do anything special for one another I will tell you what we did.

First we were in Target and I picked out a card and gave it to him and said, "If I was going to buy you a Valentine's Day card this would be the one I would buy." Then he did the same. Then we were at Wal-Mart and he saw a cute teddy bear and said, "If I was going to buy you a gift for Valentine's Day this is what I would buy." It was kind of cool to see his thought process of what he would buy and we both got to see that we were thinking of one another and all without spending a dime. And just think these were only the pre-gifts.

So tomorrow we are both off of work and will spend Valentine's Day together enjoying one another's company (okay so inbetween Aaron's baseball practice, but hey whatever works). There is nothing better than doing suttle things like leaving a love note on your hubby's pillow for them to find when they get home, or having their favorite dinner cooked for them when they get home, or offering to watch their favorite movie with then even though you think it is stupid and hate the movie. In the long run all that really matters is that you have each other, your family, and most importantly you have GOD in your lives. Happy Valentine's Day to all who read this and may the ultimate love of GOD touch each and every one of you.

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