Monday, February 9, 2009

Was I this difficult at 15?

Man talk about stress!!! Having a 15 year old boy is not easy. I just have to wonder if I was that difficult at 15 (Crystal and Tania you are not allowed to answer that question). Hee! Hee! I guess things do come back to us two fold. We have been fighting bad grades for a while now and man if we don't get somewhere soon I might need to seek medication soon!!!! The only thing I can think of is man he is certainly in for it when he has kids and I am going to sit back and laugh just like my mom is probably doing to me.

Aaron now has a girlfriend, Gabby, who is absolutely adorable, sweet, makes good grades and is not a psycho. Phew!! That is such a relief, I was beginning to think he only liked the psycho chicks that call 30 times a day (not exaggeratig), forbid him from speaking to any other girls and calling anywhere from 12AM to 5AM not thinking anything is wrong with that. Man, two psychos ago I had to do a federal tracing complaint and contact the Sheriff's Department. That was in Florida so hopefully we left all of the severe psychos there. Anyway, several weeks ago he and Gabby went to the Birmingham Zoo with her mom, step-dad and sister. He had a really good time.

Aaron played football this year and we absolutely enjoyed going to his games and watching him play. It was great to see him take pride in the way he played and in trying to do the best he could. We tried basketball and lets just say he is a lot like his mom and he won't try to play again. Right now we are starting baseball practices and if he can keep his grades up I think he will be a part of a really awesome team this year. I am looking forward to the games starting so I can take pictures and share with everyone.

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  1. Okay, so I'm not allowed to answer that question. :) Glad to hear Aaron had a good football season, hope he enjoys the baseball season too. Please post pictures of him when you get them. Would love to see pictures of him and his new girlfriend Gabby.