Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tornados, Warm Weather and then........

The day after my last post we had guess what kind of weather?  Tornado sirens was what we woke up to again!!!!  That lasted until about 9:30-10:00 in the morning.  Then eventually the cloudy skies starting parting and we had a rather nice afternoon.  It was a good thing because we had Aaron's 50 inning fundraiser starting at 9:30.  We ended up having to play 50 innings of wiffle ball in the gym due to the weather we had been having.  I love to play softball but lets just say wiffle ball is a little bit harder, but I did end up getting on base a few times.  All in all it was a very fun day.

The next day was so much more exciting though.  The news had been saying we had a 30% chance of snow that next day but after it being so warm the day before I thought for sure they didn't know what they were talking about when they changed it to 50% chance that night.  But guess what.........


It snowed!!!  I got up with my hubby to fix him coffee and breakfast before he had to go to work on that Sunday morning.  I looked outside and it was snowing!!!!  I was a like a little kid, I yelled "It's snowing!!!"  I ran into the bathroom and told Stuart it was snowing and then I went and woke up Aaron and told him to get up it was snowing outside.  Of course then I had to call my mom and dad and tell them it was snowing.  It was so exciting.  It snowed 2 inches that morning.  Instead of going out and building a snowman that morning we waited as I had grocery shopping to do.  Yes we didn't go to church that day.  (I know I should be ashamed.)  But you have to realize I am a Florida girl and had never driven in snow.  We have a rather large hill that you have to go up and down on the way to church and honestly I was scared to death to drive that way.

Due to having no groceries in the house (man I really hate grocery shopping and wait until the cabinets are almost bear) I had to go grocery shopping so Aaron and I bundled up and headed to the grocery store.  Thank goodness there are no hills on the way to Wally World.  So we got groceries and it is still snowing a little but not as hard.  By the time we got home from getting groceries the snow had started to melt.  Aaron and some neighborhood kids were having a snowball fight while I put the groceries away.  When I was done they were awful quiet so I went out to see what they were up to.  They were going around to the neighbors and scraping the snow off of their cars so that they would have enough snow to build a snowman.  They were rather creative as they confiscated a huge wagon from some one's house and filled it with snow.  Out of the kindness of my heart I agreed to help them (not because I was excited just cause I am a good, cool mom - yeah right).  Okay so lets just say it was a snow something when we were done.  You can make up the title for it but, hey we tried.

Mary Patton, Aaron and Seth with out snow thingee.

I bet you guys are wondering how our Florida dogs like the snow.  Keep in mind Shelby doesn't like to get her paws wet, Rufus pretty much takes after Shelby and Oscar, well Oscar is just Oscar.........
Oscar paying ball in snow.  

      Rufus, eeee it's cold!!!

  Hello, it's cold, let us in!!!!

We had a blast needless to say.  It was so much fun going to work the next day looking in all the yards and seeing the different snowmen that were out there.  There were fireman snowmen, little snowmen, big snowmen, skinny snowmen, fat snowmen some people even made little snowmen on their cars and drove around with them on their car.  I think the funniest and most Alabamian snowman I saw was this one......

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  1. Looks like you all had fun with what little bit of snow you got. Your snowman was pretty good. I love snowmen!!! Your mom told me that you had called her and said it was snowing at your house. Glad you all enjoyed it.